Simon Little Healed IBS And Feels More Spiritually & Mentally Clear

Published: Mon, 09 Mar 2015

Simon Little is healing his IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Celiac disease and increased his energy levels, mental and spiritual clarity with the help of The 80/10/10 Diet. Transcript below.


Simon Little: My name's Simon. I currently live in Leicester in the UK.
Kevin Cosmo: How did you get into the 80/10/10 lifestyle or did you read 80/10/10?
Simon Little: Yeah. My diet changed about three years ago. I went gluten-free for a year because I've got celiac disease and through that I got IBS, and then I went vegan two years ago, and then about September time I wanted to go raw. I was going the high-fat way but it's expensive, how am I going to afford all these powders and potions and all this stuff? Then I watched a few videos, one of them is Durian Rider, and he recommended 80/10/10 and I've seen that on a few of the videos, got the book, I read it, and I was like, "Yeah, this is the stuff. This is what I want to do." Then I just read that and I was like, "Yeah." I just started on that straight away.
Kevin Cosmo: What kind of improvements on your health and your fitness you noticed?
Simon Little: I'm still eating some potatoes and some steamed rice but it could be worse. My digestion is clearing up, my IBS is near enough cured. I get more energy. Spiritually, mentally, I feel more clear, I can think clearer. Everything has just improved. I'm not that in tune with my body that I can say specific things that have improved but overall I just feel so much better and maybe it's not the right way of promoting it but I like to tell others about it and say how good it is. I know you shouldn't be saying this stuff but if you feel it's good and you want to promote something that's beautiful, you just want to keep it pushing it on people.
Kevin Cosmo: What do you like about monomeals?
Simon Little: It's just easy. It's clear. They digest easier, there's no stomach upsets or anything like that. If I'm eating lots of different things at the same time, my stomach's not running as optimum as usual. Because I got IBS, it gets a bit inflamed and I'll get certain issues.
Kevin Cosmo: Thank you so much, Simon.

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