Heirloom Tomato Flats

Published: Sat, 02 Apr 2016


A variety of sliced yellow, green, purple and red heirloom tomatoes, served on a bed of delicate spring mix leaves and crips romaine lettuce ribbons, garnished with a pluche of fresh basil.

Served at 2015 FoodnSport Washington Retreats.

Ingredients (Adjust amounts and proportions to taste):

Tomatoes: Heirloom: Yellow, Green, Purple, Red
Spring Mix: Baby Salad Greens
Basil: pluche for garnish (optional)


cutting board
platter and/or plates for serving


    1. wash and destem the tomatoes
    2. make medium to thin slices
    3. wash and dry spring mix salad greens
    4. add a layer of spring mix to a plate or platter
    5. carefully stack the tomato slices on top, alternating between the different colors
    6. (optional) top it off with a pluche of fresh basil for garnish
    7. Serve.

This recipe at the 2015 FoodnSport Washington Retreats

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