Hearty Tomatillo and Vegetable Stew Recipe

Published: Sat, 26 Mar 2016


A creamy blend of tomatillo, spinach, tomato and sweet peppers, with a colorful vegetable confetti of sweet peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and corn sprinkled in. Chiffonade spinach and tomatillo wedges top it all off.

Served at 2015 FoodnSport Washington Retreats.

Ingredients (Adjust amounts and proportions to taste):

Corn: 4 ears corn (makes 3 cups off the cob)
Cucumbers: 3 Asian, or equivalent (1 for juice, 1 sliced, 1 diced)
Tomatillos: 5 large, plus optional: 3 small quartered for garnish
Sweet Red Peppers: 2 large (3.5" x 4"), diced
Zucchini: 1 med-large, diced
Spinach: 1/4 pound, plus optional: chiffonade handful
Lime Juice: 3 tsp, or to taste
Chives: 1/8 bunch, minced, or to taste
Celery: 1/2 large bunch
Cumin: 1/8 tsp powdered, or to taste


cutting board
vegetable juicer (or blender and strainer) and container to catch juice
citrus juicer
bowl(s) for mixing and serving


    1. (optional) set aside the 3 small quartered tomatillos and handful of chiffonade spinach for garnish later
    2. make juice with one cucumber and all the celery (save the pulp for another recipe or to thicken this one later if desired)
      [If you don't have a vegetable juicer, use a blender and strainer thusly: place the lime juice with the one cucumber and celery in blender, blend until smooth, strain (save pulp if desired)]
    3. Soup Base: blend cumin and juice from step 2 with the tomatillos, spinach and lime juice not already used or reserved - set aside
    4. if not already done, dice and slice veggies as directed in ingredients list, and remove corn from cob
    5. in large mixing bowl combine diced pepper, zucchini, chives, corn, and cucumber - mix well and optionally set aside a small amount for garnish
    6. pour the blended base from step 3 over the diced vegetables from step 5 and mix well
    7. (optional) if not already done, chiffonade the spinach and quarter the tomatillos reserved in step 1 for garnish
    8. divide the soup into bowls and optionally garnish the top of the bowl with tomatillo wedges, spinach, and veggie confetti
    9. Serve.

    Makes 3 - 6 servings.

This recipe at the 2015 FoodnSport Washington Retreats

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