Earn Your Fitness

by Dr. Graham

Published: Fri, 01 May 2015


People say the funniest things. For instance, I commonly hear, “If I even just look at doughnuts I gain weight.” And today, we are NOT going to look at why they say such things.

But what is even funnier is that other people seem to accept these nonsensical comments as if there was a basis of reality in them. I often see people shaking their heads in agreement to comments such as the following:
“Where I live, we just can’t access fruits and vegetables.”
“I need to eat hot food in the winter.”
“I can’t weight lift, because I gain muscle way too easily.”
“I don’t run because I’m worried I’ll lose too much weight.”
“I don’t run because I’m worried I’ll lose all my muscles.”

Banana Island Escape

Sometimes, after completing six decades of life including three decades as a doctor, I think I’ve heard it all. Then out of the blue, an insight comes to me, and I realize I’ve never heard this one, “If I even just look at people lifting weights, I gain muscle.” Or this one, “If I just watch people exercising, I get fitter.” Or, “I can’t watch people do yoga, because I get too flexible."

Fitness never attacked anyone, nor was it ever bestowed upon anyone while they slept. Fitness must be earned.

No one ever got stronger just by looking at weights, or faster by looking at sneakers.

Fitness must be earned; one stride at a time, one lift at a time, one stretch at a time.

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