Canistel-Banana Crème "Pumpkin" Pie

by Janie Gardener

Published: Wed, 19 Nov 2014


This simple 3-ingredient recipe has rivaled and surpassed pumpkin pies at mixed-diet potlucks I've attended for years.

It is comprised of sweet fruits to enjoy as a dinner alone, or as a lunch.

Enjoy and Aloha! :)

3-7 medium Canistel (AKA Eggfruit), as orange as possible
7-10 medium Bananas (any variety you like)
15-25 Mejool Dates (substition: any variety you like), soaking is optional
drinking water (as needed to blend smooth)

9" glass pie dish (substition: other pie dish)
Food processor or blender (substition: large bowl with vegetable masher or fork)

    1. Filling: scoop all canistel into food processor (or substitution) and one or two bananas and blend, adding drinking water (or date soak water if you soaked the dates) as needed. You want to use as much of the orange colored eggfruit as possible in order to get the look of pumpkin pie, and reserve your bananas as filler and to obtain a creamy texture.
    2. Taste the filling and if it is not sweet enough for you, add some dates (use soaked ones first if you soaked them). Remember the pie will be eaten with the crust, which is all dates so this will sweeten the pie overall as well.
    3. Crust: Cut dates in half, and remove pits if not already removed. Reserve one date half for decorating the top if you like. Either press date halves directly onto pie plate with inside toward plate, or chop them (by hand or with the food processor) first.
    4. Pour filling into crust.
    5. Optional: Slice half of date reserved for decorating into long thin slices. Arrange slices to radiate from the center, or any other design desired. Photo has one round slice of banana in the center.
    6. Serve, or refrigerate until serving.

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